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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Breeds Of Cats

I'm pretty sure my 2 cats consider me to be their pet and not the other way around, and this is exactly what sets cats & cat lovers apart from other pets & their masters. Cats don't have masters, they allow us to take care of them, but it's worth it. Cats require a lot of special attention and care, and what better place to learn all there is to know about caring for a cat

Well beside all i found of kind of person who is mad for cats and collect cat's pics from internet,,,,,so i decided to gather all pics for that mad so that she may not mattering alone the edges in search of pics...:)

She finally pushed me to write some thing about cats even though i do not like them that much :)

Lets discuss some history:

As early as 3500 B.C., Egyptians were domesticating wildcats from Africa, and these domesticated wildcats became treasured pets and were honored in many forms of artwork for their skill in hunting and killing rodents such as snakes, rats and mice. The cat's first name in Egypt was Myeo or Mau. Early Egyptians believed that the glow from a cat's eyes held captive the light of the sun.  Cats were actually considered sacred by the Egyptians, and if a person killed a cat, they were usually put to death. Egyptians shaved their eyebrows as a symbol of their grief when their pet cat died, and they made their dead cats into mummies

The Tortoiseshell and Calico cat is also known as a Calimanco cat or Clouded Tiger cat, and by the nickname "tortie".   A tortoiseshell cat is randomly patched over with red (or a dilute form thereof), black (or a dilute) and cream, mottled throughout the coat. Also, the cat may have white spots in its fur, which will make it a "tortoiseshell and white" cat or, if there is a significant amount of white in the fur and the red and black colors form a patchwork rather than a mottled aspect, the cat will be called a "calico". All calicos are tortoiseshell (since they carry both black and red), but not all tortoiseshells are calicos (since they requires a significant amount of white in the fur and patching rather than mottling of the colors).

The number of cat breeds is quite large: many cat registries recognize between 35 and 70 breeds of cats, and even more are in development, with one or more of new breeds being recognized each year on average, having distinct features and heritage. Owners and breeders of show cats compete to see whose animal bears the closest resemblance to the "ideal" definition of the breed (see selective breeding). But due to common crossbreeding in populated areas, many cats are simply identified as belonging to the homogeneous breeds of domestic longhair and domestic shorthair, depending on their type of fur. In Australia and the UK, non-purebred cats are referred in slang as moggies (derived from "Maggie", short for Margaret, reputed to have been a common name for cows and calves in 18th-century England and latter applied to housecats during the Victorian era).   In the U.S., non-purebred cats are sometimes referred to as an alley cat, even if it is not a stray.

Cats come in varieties of colors and patterns. But these are physical properties and should not be confused with a breed of cat.

Bicolor Cat:

Bicolor cats vary between the tuxedo cat which is mostly black with a white chest, and possibly markings on the face and paws/legs, all the way to the Van pattern, where the only colored parts of the cat are the tail (usually including the base of the tail), and the top of the cats head (often including the ears).

Bicolor cats can have as their primary (non-white) color black, red, any dilution thereof and also tortoiseshell

Some cute names of cats:

Actual People Names


Cats Named for Looks or Personality Characteristics

Snow Balls
Oreo (a natural for black and white cats) 

Names from TV Shows, Cartoons, and Video Games

Kimba (Named after a cartoon character named 'Kimba the White Lion' from the 60's)
Gallifrey, or Gally
Simba (Named after the character in "The Lions' King") 
Cat Names Submitted by Fans of this Site

Some Pictures;

Monday, 20 August 2012

What is Nuclear Bomb? How it works?

You* have pr*obably read in history books about the atomic bombs used in World War II. You may also have seen fictional movies where nuclear weapons were launched or detonated .

We have seen that these devices have incredible destructive power, but how do they work? 

*Nuclear bombs involve the forces, strong and weak, that hold the nucleus of an atom together, especially atoms with unstable nuclei. There are two basic ways that nuclear energy can be released from an atom: 

Nuclear fission - You can split the nucleus of an atom into two smaller fragments with a neutron. This method usually involves isotopes of uranium (uranium-235, uranium-233) or plutonium-239. 
Nuclear fusion -You can bring two smaller atoms, usually hydrogen or hydrogen isotopes (deuterium, tritium), together to form a larger one (helium or helium isotopes); this is how the sun produces energy 
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How Nuclear Power Works

In either process, fission or fusion, large amounts of heat energy and radiation are given off. 

To build an atomic bomb, you need:

A source of fissionable or fusionable fuel 

A triggering device 

A way to allow the majority of fuel to fission or fuse before the explosion occurs (otherwise the bomb will fizzle out) 
We'll take a look at atomic structure on the 

Before we talk about the physics of atomic bombs, it's a good idea to go over the basic properties of atoms. 

Atoms are incredibly small -- the smallest is about 10-8* cm in diameter. For an idea of how small this really is, think of a baseball. The diameter of a baseball is about 7 cm. If an atom were the size of a baseball, an actual baseball would be about 3044 miles high. 

An atom is made up of three subatomic particles -- protons, neutrons and electrons. The center of an atom, called the nucleus, is composed of protons and neutrons. Protons are positively charged, neutrons have no charge at all and electrons are negatively charged. The proton-to-electron ratio is always on*e to one, so the atom as a whole has a neutral charge. For example, a carbon atom has six protons and six electrons. 

An atom's properties can change considerably based on how many of each particle it has: 

The number of protons in an atom determines the type of element. Elements are classified by their atomic number, which is simply the number of protons in an atom's nucleus. Some common elements on Earth are oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. You can see the elements on the periodic table here.* 
There are different types of atoms called isotopes. These isotopes look and act the same in nature -- the only difference is the number of neutrons in the nucleus. 
You can calculate the “mass” of an atom by counting the number of protons and neutrons inside the nucleus. This number is called the *atomic mass. Carbon has three isotopes, for example -- carbon-12 (six protons + six neutrons), carbon-13 (six protons + seven neutrons) and carbon-14 (six protons + eight neutrons). 
If atoms are so small, then how can they release the kind of energy that creates an atomic bomb? 

Two important concepts in physics explain how massive amounts of energy can come from very small particles -- Einstein's famous equation E = MC2 and nuclear radiation.

E = mc2 

An atom's nucleus and the structure of certain isotopes make it possible to release incredible amounts of energy when the atom splits. You can understand how much energy this process releases by looking at Einstein's equation E = mc2, where E is energy, m is mass and c is the speed of light (approximately 300,000 kilometers per second). Although you may have heard of this equation without knowing what it really means, the concept behind it is pretty simple. Matter and energy are essentially interchangeable -- matter can be converted into energy, and energy can be converted into matter, and the numbers involved are enormous. The speed of light is a huge number -- if you multiply a large amount of mass by the speed of light, you get an extreme amount of energy. And even though atoms are small -- they don't have a lot of mass -- it takes a vast number of them to make a substance. 

Substances like uranium, which are commonly used in nuclear bombs, have a very high atomic number -- the atoms themselves are larger and contain more particles than the atoms of other naturally-occurring substances. Because of this additional nuclear material, uranium has the power to release a lot of energy. If you multiplied 7 kilograms of uranium by the speed of light squared, you would get about 2.1 billion Joules of energy. By comparison, a 60-watt light bulb uses 60 joules of energy per second. The energy found in a pound of highly enriched uranium is equal to something on the order of a million gallons of gasoline. When you consider that a pound of uranium is smaller than a baseball and a million gallons of gasoline would fill a cube that is 50 feet per side (50 feet is as tall as a five-story building), you can get an idea of the amount of energy available in just a little bit of U-235.

i phones vs black berry..........

If you own a Blackberry or an iPhone, you have probably figured the title out already. Both phones have started to cause what can only be described as office wars. It’s the question on everyone’s mind; one that could start “work-ageddon”.
The choice between taking a corporate-like Blackberry or an intuitive iPhone is one that is, although easy to make, the topic of much debate. Why is it that a choice so simple has to cause so much debate? The question is better analyzed if you look at the differences in the phone themselves.
The Corporate Image
Blackberry vs. iPhoneQuite possibly the biggest reason most people buy a Blackberry is because of its corporate image. Before all of the iPhonehype and the changing times, practically anyone who was in an executive or senior position in a company had a Blackberry. We all know this to be true.
Despite the iPhone trend, it seems that the image has still carried forward. However, with cheaper, more functional and smarter phones available, who would not want to bring them to work? Although an iPhone may not have a corporate image, it does many corporate tasks faster and more efficiently than a Blackberry.
Most people claim that Blackberry is the ORIGINAL corporate phone and they will not let go of it. IPhone owners take advantage of this fact more often than needed.
The large screen of an iPhone and its lightening fast processors are more than capable of increasing your productivity at work. Whether you are sending an email or using one of the many apps, the iPhone really does do the trick in a short amount of time.
On the other hand, the Blackberry has many features that did make it really popular. Push emails, a QWERTY keypad, easy navigation and the ability to set appointments. Sure it is a great phone. However, all of these features (and upgraded variants) are now available in an iPhone.
So you can either have a (perceived) simple and obsolete phone with a small screen and keyboard or a lightning fast phone with hundreds of features and a big screen – One BIG debate.
Quite possibly the biggest reason to get a Blackberry is for its security. Whether you are using the Blackberry messenger, your lightning fast internet provided by one of the many wireless internet service providers or sending a message or an email, the security provided by a Blackberry phone is unmatched.
On the other hand, there is the iPhone. Many people think that an iPhone is not as secure as a Blackberry many digress. With the technological advancements that have been made in the 21st century (and recently), an iPhone has become safer than ever before.
When you are accessing your files from your office’s server, it is important to have maximum security. This ensures that sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands. In this regard, blackberry owners really have an advantage – one they boast about in the office.
Just More to Do
iPhone apps are one of the reasons why apple and iPhones have become such success stories. The applications available on Apple’s appstore are of a very high quality. An iPhone can be your best friend during long office hours or when you need a small break from work.
A Blackberry just does not have that capability. There are very few games for a Blackberry and none are as entertaining or as playful as those found in Apple’s appstore. This preference is why many workers prefer an iPhone instead of a blackberry.
Additionally, the many features that come jam packed into an iPhone are really starting to win many workers over. These facts are causing many problems in the workplace.Blackberry users feel as if they have no extra leverage over iPhone users in their free time – a fact reminded by iPhone users.
Unless both have identical features, it seems that the fight will rage on. Whether the argument is about the features, the “corporate” image, the messenger services, the security, the app store, the screen size or even trackballs vs. touchscreens,there is always a reason for one Blackberry user to start an office war with an iPhone user.

Top 5 U.S. Military Vehicles You Would Love to Own

In the area of amazing vehicles, the military has access to the best vehicle options.  Some of the military vehicles can actually make a Ferrari pale in comparison…which is relatively challenging, so we are going to tell you why.  Here is our top 5 list of US Military vehicles we wish we could own:
1.  B-2 Spirit stealth bomber
2.  Black Hawk helicopter
3.  F-22 Raptor- $350 million
4.  Leopard 2A6 military tank
5. Virginia class submarines

The B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is a sleek sight to see-shaped like a flying “W” almost, it seems to become the air as it flies.  Aesthetics aside, this is a serious piece of artillery.  The stealth bomber is a strategic, long-range heavy bomber capable of penetrating sophisticated defense shields.
It is virtually undetectable, and capable of all-altitude missions up to 50,000 feet, with an impressive range of more than 6,000nm without refueling.  This translates to the stealth bomber being able to reach any point in the world within hours.   It boasts a 172-foot wingspan, is 17 feet high, and 69 feet long.  The B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is powered by 4 General Electric F118-GE-100 engines, each rated at 77kN.  The stealth bomber can reach a high subsonic speed of 331m/sec, which is the speed of sound in air.  Awesome…I want to rent one for my next trip around the world, forget long lines and airports!
Up next is the Black Hawk helicopter.  Imagine having your own helicopter, especially one as powerful as the Black Hawk!  It features twin engines and powerful blades.  Within minutes, a Black Hawk chopper rises thousands of feet, catapulting around 150 miles per hour to its next destination.   The flexible configuration, maneuverability and power make it a mainstay of military forces worldwide.   While prices vary, the unit cost for the Army’s UH-60L Black Hawk is around $5.9 million, while the cost of the Air Force MH-60G Pave Hawk is around $10.2 million.  No wonder it is the stuff movies are made of.  Ok, we will take three. 
Stepping it up a notch is the F-22 Raptor.  Modestly priced at $350 million, this bird is a single seat, twin-engine (Pratt & Whiney F119-PW-100 engines), fifth-generation powerhouse that also utilizes stealth technology by breaking the sound barrier.  Its capabilities include ground attack, electronic warfare, signals intelligence, and more.  It boasts 35,000 lbs of thrust, and measures in at 62 feet long, with a wingspan of 44.5 feet. 
If you prefer ground travel for your dream machine, there is the Leopard 2A6.  Developed by Krauss-Leopard 2A6 Military TankMaffei, this German battle tank impresses.  Cool features include digital fire control systems, laser rangefinders, fully stabilized main gun, coaxial machine gun, advanced night vision, sighting equipment, thermal imaging and ability to drive through water up to 13 feet deep using its snorkel.  The tank is propelled by a turbo-charged multi-fuel v12 diesel engine capable of producing 1,479 horsepower. 
And lastly, we all know the US Military scales land, air, and water-which brings us to the awesome Virginia class submarines.  These guys were created with intentions to lower the bill from $2 billion to $1.8 billion.  Built by GD Electric Boat and Northrop Grumman Newport News, they measure in at approximately 377 feet long. 
So what makes a submarine run in the billions?  Well, it is a vehicle that performs undersea, and if that isn’t cool enough it has approximately 40 types of high-tech weapons, special operations forces, unmanned undersea vehicles, and an advanced SEAL delivery system.  Did we mention the S9G nuclear reactor?  It is a sVirginia Class Submarineserious piece of military muscle.
The Virginia class subs can dive down to about 800 feet and travel at around 25 knots.  If you would prefer to stay on land, and do not have billions of dollars or the credentials to play with the above mentioned bad-boy toys, you can always indulge in an Aston Martin rentalLamborghini rental, or other luxury car rental to subdue your woes.  We feel your pain. 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

some colors of Pakistan ( INDEPENDENCE DAY)

Pictures or images are the best conveyors of message of feelings towards anything. When we talk about the 14 August, it is the best occasion to show your love and loyalty towards the Pakistan. Pakistan nationalists are very much keen to celebrate the 14 august with zeal and zest.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The spirit of independence!!!!

An Independence Day is an annual event commemorating the anniversary  of a nation's assumption of independent statehood, usually after ceasing to be a group or part of another nation or state; more rarely after the end of a military occupation. Most countries observe their respective independence days as a national holiday, and in some cases the observance date is controversial or contested.
Pakistan’s Independence Day, which is annually held on August 14, celebrates the country’s independence from the British rule on that date in 1947. This day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity.
The month of independence has started and people have started the preparations for celebration,,,,,,the nation t.v's symbol have been colored green and white, national sons have been played
,,,,,,but in my eyes the spirit that once i felt in my childhood seems very low in present day scenario. There may be many possibilities for it,,,,,the current economic situation of Pakistan have made it difficult for the common men to meet his every day needs. The water and energy crisis are playing its own part in this regard,,,,,and most importantly the law and order situation is getting worst by the day,,,,,,,blood is shedind more every coming day,,,,,,,,may be this may be the reason why the spirit may be felling lil  low then the past,,,,,,,,,but i hope the is much more better for Pakistan to come.......and the same national spirit will be then restored again. Inshahullah.
Pakistan Zindabad